Drive inefficiency out and let Accountability in

This is a uniquely innovative and transformative Accountability Leadership framework that puts the right people in the right place at the right time by defining, sizing, and filling roles with capable, motivated talent, and removing excessive  managerial layers, thereby improving productivity and efficiency company wide.

SONARIO® does organizational design, succession planning, and talent development differently by removing bias judgement from managerial leadership with proven strategies and a comprehensive rating system based on capability and effectiveness.

SONARIO® is more than just organization charts, we transform your organization from top to bottom in terms of processes, functions, and accountabilities.

Don’t try harder, try different. Making Organization Charts manually in presentation software is time consuming, segmented, confusing, and contains too many steps to display the kind of information that SONARIO® can supply.

You can design hypothetical organizations, re-calibrate your company, and succession plan with SONARIO® ensuring your company’s success and improving profit and value.

Requisite Strategy

Ensure employees keep their word and earn their keep

To make an organization Requisite is to do what is necessary for the support and achievement of a corporate strategy. SONARIO® Strategic methodology assists in implementing fully Requisite principles and practices with an aligned system of Accountability and Authority.

Keep employees Accountable for the work of their Role. Accountability leads to higher levels of Productivity throughout a company.

SONARIO for Executives and Managers



SONARIO® supports Requisite principles and practices resulting in improved Accountability, Capability, and Productivity processes which in turn promote a culture of trust and fairness in the workplace, culminating in overall improved value and profit.
This Requisite strategy ensures:

    • Talent experience is aligned with Role Requirements,
    • Roles are sized appropriately in accordance with Accountabilities.
    • Managerial Levels not crowded and are value-adding.
    • Talent retention by incorporating Career Aspirations with Succession Planning,
    • Improvement in productivity with Accountability Leadership
    • Alignment with Corporate Strategy

Promote a culture based on trust and fairness

SONARIO® by IsComp Systems Inc. puts a Talent-and-Organizational Dashboard on every Manager and employee’s desktop. This provides real-time access for every employee to view their current Demonstrated Effectiveness Appraisal in their Role, and their customized Development Plan for addressing any gaps. This software also allows each employee to enter progress notes in addressing those gaps to support the ongoing feedback discussions with Managers.

With SONARIO® companies can calibrate and re-calibrate their organizational structure for optimal Effectiveness. Organizations are able to make educated and unbiased decisions for leveraging an organization’s Capacity for Capability.

This Leadership framework helps managers to:

    • Fulfill their commitments to Coach their Subordinate employees
    • Ensure the developmental opportunities agreed upon and are made available
    • Look at the “big picture” of their team’s strengths and weaknesses
    • Design optimal, strategically-aligned organizational structures and processes
    • Install fully capable, committed, and accountable employees
    • Ensure value-adding and accountable leadership

Determine your employee's Innate Capability, and Current and Future Potential; to better understand what they can handle now and in the future.

SONARIO for HR Professionals


Transforming workplace culture

An opportunity for Cultural Change in the workplace in a post 2020 world

SONARIO® can transform your businesses with powerful solutions that satisfy the needs of the modern work culture. In a post 2020 world, the workplace culture is changing dramatically, there is greater need for Accountability Leadership and Effective Management, these variables promote a culture based on trust and fairness.

Conduct Demonstrated Effectiveness Appraisals to determine whether employees are Effective in their Roles.

SONARIO for Asset Managers



No matter your Change Management needs SONARIO® has a Solution:

    • Visualize the organization as it is, and determine what needs to go, what is working, and what is not.
    • Eliminate redundancy of functions and processes and superfluous management levels.
    • Make decisions about what benefits the corporate strategy and what is damaging to value and profit.
    • Assists organizations in bringing new Talent in and recording their CV information.
    • Assessing and determining employee’s Capabilities and capacity for complexity.
    • When a company needs a new direction companies can analyze their corporate strategy in relation to their work culture and see what needs to be fixed in order to add profit and value.
All-in-One Change Management Solution

The Right People in the Right Roles at the Right Time

SONARIO® technology is the most comprehensive Organizational Design and Talent Development software available. Based on over fifty years of research this Requisite methodology strategy has been proven in several hundred consultancy projects on every continent. This intelligent Organizational Design software helps you identify risks and problems, and reveal opportunities for growth and profit.

The Organizational Design and Talent Management tools SONARIO® provides are designed to support the implementation of Strategic managerial and alignment strategies and practices.

    • Strategic Selection
      Getting the right people in the right Roles at the right time.
    • Succession Planning
      This involves unbiased and objective assessments of staff in relation to their Roles.
    • Role Sizing
      Analyzing the Complexity of the Roles and based on its requirements.
    • Talent Capability and Effectiveness Assessment
      Demonstrated Effectiveness Appraisals (DEA) that reveal any Compression, Vacuum, and Headroom between Levels.
    • Creating Organization Charts
      The ability to not only see the organization as it stands today, but also how it CAN look in the future.
    • Gap Analysis, Coaching, and Mentoring 
      These processes aid in the development and retention of Talent.
    • Staff and Admin User Management
      Enable employees to access their tasks, view their teams, management their subordinates.
    • Ensure Accountability
      With QQT/Rs (Quality, Quantity, Time and Resources) you can define the major variables of a task assigned to an employee and monitor their progress. Attach specific tasks (QQT/Rs) to Roles
      • Monitor progress of employee tasks (QQT/Rs) via Criticality and Risk
      • Ability to assess how Subordinates apply RO principles down the Hierarchy

Using Organization Charts you can visualize your entire organization. The org chart can display your organization in terms of levels, functional alignment, talent effectiveness and more


Organizational Design

Organizational Design

Succession Planning and Strategic selection tools help you plan for the future of your organization


Succession Planning

Succession Planning

Our Role Complexity Modeler aids in finding vacuum, headroom and compression between managerial levels with the ability to view your employees demonstrated effectiveness and Level of Role Complexity ratings


Talent Assessment

Talent Assessment

Get a SONARIO® Test Drive

A SONARIO® Test Drive gives you the controls of the SONARIO® Client Edition for up to two weeks, you can experience the power of SONARIO® for yourself with mock-up data so you can see what SONARIO® can do for your organization without commitment.

Make every Role Count and improve your Value
Transformative Accountability Leadership Framework
Client Edition
Client Edition
The Client configuration has all the SONARIO functionality for use by a Consultant’s Client’s organization. After the Consultant implements SONARIO the Client takes control. Staff User and Admin accounts for the product are based on the Client’s needs.

    • Org Structure Management
    • Talent Assessments
    • Talent Deployment
    • Role Sizing
    • Workspaces
    • Process and Function Management
    • Task Tracking
    • Coaching and Mentoring
    • Staff User Management
With integrated org charts a company can view their organization in various structural alignments, they can calibrate and re-calibrate using Workspaces as hypothetical org structures, and clearly view the levels of the organization in relation to headroom, vacuum, and compression. A company can maintain their organizational design in relation to succession planning and talent retention and recruitment.
Partner Edition
Partner Edition
For use by Consultants in the implementation of Requisite Methodology. SONARIO® helps Partners introduce Clients to, and train them in, Requisite principals and the implementation of the methodology within their organizations. User and Staff accounts for the product are based on the Consultant's needs.*

    • Org Structure Management
    • Talent Assessments
    • Talent Deployment
    • Role Sizing
    • Process and Function Management
    • Task Tracking
Consultants use SONARIO® to ensure their client's have value-adding managerial levels, to assess role sizes, align the organization in terms of business functions and processes. Using SONARIO® for consulting with your clients can aid in due diligence, restructuring, budget cuts, and succession planning. SONARIO® is a flexible tool that supports Requisite strategies and principles helping you align an organization effectively.

Lite Edition
Lite Edition
A SONARIO® Lite Subscription also makes you a Partner of SONARIO® but the Lite Edition is a truncated version of the full Partner product that focuses on Role Sizing and Filling, alignment, modeling and structuring practices based on SONARIO® Requisite Methodology.
    • Org Structure Management
    • Talent Assessments
    • Talent Deployment
    • Role Sizing
With the SONARIO® Lite Edition Partners can use this version in their consultancy work to carry out assessments and analysis of an organization, aiding in due diligence, cost assessment, and hierarchy.
SONARIO® Tools provide:
    • Various org charts that enable you to drag and drop roles/people, view the organization in myriad ways based on basic hierarchy, ratings, levels, teams and other parameters.
    • Workspaces: enables you to build hypothetical organizations and teams.
    • Role nominations and selections for future role planning.
    • Role complexity modeling to view your organization hierarchy based on various ratings and rate your roles/people.


SONARIO® is a unique product that can be molded and used in various ways, for different purposes, and for many types of scenarios.

A Partner Edition of SONARIO® is generally used by Consultants in their consultancy practice. The Partner Editions are single user and configured in two ways, one is a complete SONARIO® product, the other, the Lite Partner, is a truncated version that focuses on role sizing, filling, alignment, modeling and structuring, this is available via Subscription.

The Client Edition is a full version with the additional ability to let other Staff use the product as well. The Client Edition is used by the Client of a Partner/Consultant or by an Organization on their own without a Consultant, the difference being whether a Consultant is selling SONARIO® or the Organization is purchasing the product in their own right.

Organizations that already have a Consultant and would like them to use SONARIO® can Refer one to SONARIO® and we will contact them for use of an Edition.

Sonario® developed by IsComp Systems, Inc.